What do I do

“I will cook for you” is a homemade meal service born in London and now starting in Madrid city area.  I strive to give you back your time and provide your family with a nutritiousfrom scratch meal dinner everyday.

“I will cook for you” does all the menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation and packaging for you to collect or to deliver to your house so that you can enjoy family style meals with easy to follow serving instructions.

I prepare dinner meals, lunches, homemade bread and dessert options. 

Who is this service for

“I will cook for you” is for families.  It is also for couples who are busy working, or flatmates  who like sharing a personal cook and seating at the table for a good dinner.

You can use also “I will cook for you”  as a temporary service during  busy periods of your life as:
. A new born arrival
. An extension in your house
. A month full of business trips or many hours at work.

When you don´t have the time to cook but you still would like to have a balanced diet for you and your family.

Whatever the reason you have not to cook, I will cook for you so you only have to enjoy your family time.